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Flossy and Stinky ROCK! Mark, I'm glad to see your work starting to hit Newgrounds. I've been a fan for almost a year and always hoped you'd join us. Your animation is brilliant, the sound is always put together extremely well, and the stories are hilarious. I can't tell you how many times I've shown your work to my friends and had a blast. Keep 'em coming!



I was wondering when the hell you were gonna' get Stinky put up here! You HAVE to put "Shopping at the Big Mart" on here. I'm glad to see Stinky finally jump onto Newgrounds. I wish you the best.


Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!

In general, I pretty much hate sprite movies, but this movie showed me that a sprite movie can be very well executed and contain all the necessary ingredients for a truly entertaining short. To anyone that attempte sprite movies, make THIS series your basis for comparison. The buttons at the top are great for interactive play of the movie, the sound is great, the animation is very well executed, and the story holds up very well against many other successful series' plot lines. Keep 'em coming!


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Not A Bad Game!

I was doing sooooooooooooo good, then it froze on me after I killed a guy in a bar fight. I wish it hadn't done that. Very nice game, though. I enjoyed the short journey I took and will definitely do it again. Thanks!


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Pretty Sweet Game!

I feel this is a really good display of talent and creativity. I feel some people review these works of art here at Newgrounds as if they were deciding on an addition to their website or looking to make a purchase. The real point here is craftsmanship. No, this game is not anywhere near PS2 or XBox standards, but I feel it is fair enough to be corteous to those who put their time and effort into creating these works and submitting them for our enjoyment. If something deserves to be Blammed, then by all means Blam it. That's part of the process. But if something comes along that shows real effort, though it may not be everything you've ever wanted from a Flash movie or game or what-have-you, it might be best to just refrain from leaving degrading comments. Constructive criticism is far better than, "Dude, that sucked!" or whatever else one might say for the lack of anything nice. Why discourage someone from continuing to grow when the simple fact that they are submitting work here puts them in a higher plane of creativity than the average Joe in the first place? I think this was a tremendous effort, and I'd love to see more, Rift. Thanks so much for submitting such a great piece. I'll get off my soapbox now. =)

The Raceman

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Awesome Tutorial!

As a newbie to the Flash scene who is working on his first project I found this tutorial very helpful. The idea of using shading and highlights hadn't even ocurred to me. What you showed me to do is very simple yet constructive. I'll probably be utilizing the very techniques you taught me on this first project. Thanks so much for the help, and I hope you create more of these.


Sneakers responds:

Well, i'm glad you found it useful. Thanks for the review and score.

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